Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer Casino

The simplest definition of this type of casino is live human dealer who runs a game using a video link. Gamers would still play all over the Internet, but it is done through the game’s live stream.

Players just put in their bets on the interface of the software, and then go ahead to interact with the live game as it unfolds on the screen. In turn, they will be paid by the human dealer that manages the game. In most instances, it is just like visiting a normal casino.

Even though there have been some serious efforts by online casinos to prove that they are fair with their random number generator casino games, none, especially skeptics would still find something to talk about. One of the battles that have been directed at winning some of these skeptics is the introduction of the live dealer casino games. But one thing that makes these casinos stand out is the fact that they offer the players with a more enhanced betting experience. With the advancement of the technologies used in live streaming and the improvements in Internet speeds, the quality of some of the leading live dealer casinos has also risen.


Live streaming videos that have been designed with real dealers operating with real cards and capable of launching the real balls is the closest thing that a player can get to an ordinary brick and mortar casino experience each time they are playing an online game.  Live dealer games are one of the latest sensations in the world of online casinos.


What sets them further apart is the fact that they are not only fast but also fun and would just feel like playing a real casino. But perhaps one of the best aspects of playing this kind of games is that the player will not have to leave their comfort zones; they can still play from anywhere they are.


What’s the Main Difference between Online Casinos and Live Dealer Casinos?

The differences that exist between the two are very minimal. But even so, to the kind of payers who adore live dealer-playing atmosphere, the difference can be seen in some of the most important, and key sectors of interest. Whereas the gameplay and certain crucial rules are just the same as one would find in a version of a regular video slot, what makes the huge difference is the live aspect of it.


What Are the Benefits?

Playing a live dealer casino has so many benefits to a player as compared to a number of other casinos. The first one to note is the fact the kind of face-to-face, and physical experience that these casinos give cannot be compared to any other.


Instead of the players playing what is known as an odds-based video game, the players will enjoy playing physical and real cards or even decide to play on real-life roulette. The manner in which this works makes playing the game an entirely good experience.


The other thing that makes these types of games great in their own way is that players can even choose to start a conversation amongst themselves or even the dealer. This makes it much more social than other games commonly played. But that does not bring to an end the list of other advantages.


Players would not be pushed to trust the casinos in this case, but with the video games, that is what will automatically take place. The player will fully hope and trust that the games are not only fair, but the odds aren’t also stacked in an overwhelming manner.


When it comes to the live dealer gambling, players can easily forget the generators of the random number. What they will see instead is a spinning physical roulette or even other cards that are dealt. This is what will assure the gamers that they are playing a game that is fair and non-rigged.



How Live Dealer Casinos Operate

As earlier indicated, these gaming genres have continued to gain adoption each and every day. This is because they have not only created a better choice of games but also a broad variety of video stream selection to the gamers.


As they function in the same manner just as other forms of a casino, many of the common features will be found here. As a matter of fact, a number of live dealer games are always available on gambling sites that also provide an entire assortment of the normal casino games. This gives the players an opportunity to play with their same bankroll and just through their own accounts.


When the game is launched for the first time, the player will first have to join a live dealer. The live dealer is placed at a certain studio that has been designed to appear like a real casino floor. For all the purposes and even intents, the player will actually be playing in a live casino environment, although with a luxury of doing it from anywhere they are; home or even place of work.


The players will enjoy the same gameplay present in most games but without any kind of hassle in live dealer casinos.


Bonuses at a Live Dealer Casino

Just like most of the online gambling games; the live dealer casinos are also involved in a non-ending battle with a number of other operators. This is done in a bid of looking for the next new player. One of the marketing strategies that have always characterized these games is the bounty bonus that is designed to catch the eye and convince the new players to give it a try.

A welcome bonus is the first bonus that never misses in any live dealer casino.


But besides that, there are also loyalty packages and a variety of other perks that are intended mainly for the players of live dealer casinos. To stay away from problems that might arise as they try to withdraw their winnings, players are advised to learn all the terms and conditions that are inter-linked to the bonus. There is no better way to kick-start a live dealer casino than getting the bonuses first.


Assortment of the Best Dealer Casino Games

  • Live Casino Baccarat - Baccarat is one of the traditional high rollers that recently entered to the circuit of live gaming. Because of its potential for huge returns live casino baccarat have proven to be very popular. The other thing that makes players love this type of live dealer casino is the fact that it gives the players peace of mind as they watch the game progress with a real dealer and in real time.


Live casino baccarat has a number of variations that players will get to enjoy. To add on that, there are also a number of gambling options that they will enjoy as they play. Even for a player who is beginning in this genre, live dealer baccarat offers the best playing environment that any kind of player would always want to try.


  • The Live Casino Blackjack - Talking of some of the live casino stalwarts, blackjack would definitely top the list, and it has all the reasons to do that. This type of live dealer game has gained wide popularity among the high rollers mainly due to the fact that it is both online and land-based.


One of the common features of the high rollers in this industry is that they enjoy having sway over their gameplay, and blackjack becomes a recipe of that due to the fact that it is a game of skills. But perhaps one of the features that have exposed the live dealer blackjack games to most players is the fact that it opens up several new opportunities.


One of such opportunities is the bunch of multi-hand games that give players an opportunity to bet at various hands just at one point. The other opportunity is the public side bet that are offered on the hands in play. All these are great fun to experiment with when added to the core game itself.


As explained earlier, players would also be able to see the cards the moment they are dealt. This is one of the most crucial benefits that is associated with playing online using RNG as opposed to real playing cards.


  • The Live Casino Roulette - Most of those features also apply to the live casino roulette. Television gambling sessions that are usually shown late at night are a perfect illustration of a live casino roulette. The only difference is that the deal present on the TV advert would in most be raw as compared to playing online. The same format used for live dealer baccarat is what is normally used for live dealer roulette. However, it usually has a physical/real croupier that would spin a real wheel through a video link. Again, being in a position to see how the roulette wheel operates is very imperative, particularly to players who might be concerned about certain casinos that might rig the numbers. Such issues will be dealt with once and for all when playing on a live casino roulette machine. It sounds more like visiting a usual gambling establishment.


  • Live Casino Texas Hold’em - For any player who has tried playing on a World Series of Poker, Live Casino Texas Hold’em will not be any different. Both the dealer and the player, in this case, will be dealt with two cards face down. The main aim here is to come up with the best hand from the player’s two as well as other five community cards that will be dealt face up as the game continues.


In this case, the player would not bet against another player but would instead bet on their own hands’ odds. The secret to winning lies with beating the hands of the dealer. One thing that makes live dealer great in their own manner is the fact that the player will go head on head with a real dealer. While one player can play from the comfort of their homes, the other player would confidently play in the casino live. Live Casino Texas Hold’em can be described as Fast & Furious, but the prize might be great.

Top Casinos


Ireland and the UK


Live dealer casinos are also offered by some of the best game providers. Some of the best companies in this sector are the Evolution, Microgaming as well as Netent. These providers offer great access to amazing live games, and huge bonuses as well as an experience that they will not find anywhere.


Betway is a great example of live dealer casino operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


The United States


Things are a bit different for those types of players who live in the United States. Things that make this market hard to penetrate through the United States are the issues to do with regulation and licensing.